French Immersion

French Immersion

French Immersion

The French Immersion Program at the secondary school level provides students with the skills they need to communicate in a second language and thereby enhance their ability to perform effectively and meet with success in a rapidly changing global economy.

Learning a second language enhances career choices, develops thinking and communication skills, and provides a greater appreciation of cultural diversity.

Students in Rainbow Schools may obtain a French Immersion Certificate upon graduation by completing a minimum of ten courses taught in French. These include four Immersion French courses, plus six other courses from a wide variety of choices – physical education and health, nutrition, Canadian geography, Canadian history, civics, career studies, human development and music.

Furthermore, at Lo-Ellen Park, Grade 12 French Immersion students have the opportunity to receive an International Baccalaureate Certificate in French as a second language and a DELF (Diplôme des études françaises) certificate (levels B1 and B2).  Both certificates recognize linguistic competencies in the areas of written and oral communication as well as listening and reading comprehension skills.      

For more information about French Immersion, the DELF certificate and IB French, contact the Program Leader.

The Memoir Project

Over the months of March and April, Mme Dupuis and her 22 Grade 11 French Immersion students will travel to Red Oak Villa, a retirement facility, where the students will be working with 12 Senior Citizens.  Each of the Francophone residents will be interviewed by the students about their life.  At the end of the 2 months, the students will have written and published a book that tells the story of their senior partner’s life.  This project provides the students with an authentic experience in which they listen, write and speak “en français”.  The Red Oak Residents in turn will receive a beautiful book of their life’s memories to cherish with their family for years to come.

Lo-Ellen Park students enjoy traditional French cuisine that they prepared in their IB French class.

Students making Crepes in their French class.

Mr. Piette and Ms. Vachon at Information Night