Grade 12 Engineering, Design & Innovation (EDIT)

Grade 12 Engineering, Design & Innovation (EDIT)

Lo-Ellen Park proudly unveils EDIT (Engineering Design and Innovative Technology) Lab !

Lo-Ellen Park Partners with Laurentian University, the Bharti School of Engineering and other industry leaders.

Emerging from the Lo-Ellen Robotics club is a new grade 12 course IDC 4U: Engineering,  Design & Innovation.   This course will be offered in Sept’ 2017 to those who have taken MCR3U or MCR3UN and who have an interest in Design !

With the success of our First Robotics team #4069 students will now be able to get more involved in Engineering, Design and Robotics.  Students will receive hands on building and design experience  with 3D printing and modelling along with coding and programming.    Students will have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders (Hatch,  Laurentian Engineering and Ionic Engineering) as well as participate in site visits.

Contact the Lo-Ellen Park Guidance Department for more information.

Grade 11 and 12 students in our new Engineering and Design class. The course integrates robotics in a project-based environment where grade 11 and 12 students design and build their creations. This new workspace is called “The EDIT Lab” (EDIT = Engineering, Design + Innovative Technology).

Students in the class are helping to outfit the EDIT Lab with their first design projects, while taking the main engineering principles into consideration.

The official unveiling of the EDIT lab to the public will be on December 20th. All are welcome to attend !